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Who's Hot Owners

Accomplishments-2015-16 thru 2017-18


RankOwnerPointsSeasonsConf. Wild2ndChampTotal Avg. RankTotWSuper
1.Ray Patricio2286 50231,1,2,2,314 
2.Mike Hoffmaster1426 22112,4,5,56 
3.Ryan Servaty892 20111,35 
4.Andrew Fisher603 11004,55 
5.Joseph Pizzuto556 130132 
6.Tom Snaza475 121042 
7.Unowned Team3920 101040 
8.Brian Engel113 0010 1 
9.Randall Holmes33 0100 0 
9.Larry Jones35 0100 0 
9.Jim Snaza33 0100 0 
12.Tom Gough14 0000 1 
12.Mike Krupa14 0000 1 
14.Ed Foster06 0000 0 

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For the information on the scoring for the Hall of Fame, go to The Rules