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Teams for Sale

If you are interested in purchasing any of the below teams, please e-mail us at brian@mrsports.com or call us at 949.370.5789 immediately.
Teams will be given out in a "first come, first serve" basis. We will be cutting down to 3 or 4 players on Monday, October 8th.
We will have re-drafts to complete the team rosters starting October 11th, continuing through October 21st.
So, the sooner you get your team, the sooner you will be able to build it as your own!

Click on the headers below to sort the Teams for Sale.

Team NameLeaguePick# of KeepersBest Players
Celtics EL1 4th 4 F Kevin Love - Cle
F Zach Randolph - Sac
F Nicolas Batum - Cha
Hornets EL1 7th 4 C Dwight Howard - Cha
F Paul Millsap - Den
G John Wall - Was
F Trevor Ariza - Hou
Pelicans EL1 3rd 4 F Pau Gasol - SA
C Marc Gasol - Mem
F Rudy Gay - SA
Thunder EL1 8th 4 G Tyreke Evans - Mem
F Thaddeus Young - Ind
G Goran Dragic - Mia
Jazz ML1 5th 4 F Carmelo Anthony - Okl
C Marc Gasol - Mem
F Paul Millsap - Den
Knicks ML1 1st 4 G Dwyane Wade - Mia
F Kevin Love - Cle
F Rudy Gay - SA
Lakers ML1 3rd 4 C Dwight Howard - Cha
F LaMarcus Aldridge - SA
G Goran Dragic - Mia