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Current Roster

The numbers across the top correspond to the week number for the current season. The numbers next to each player correspond to the number of games for that week. Weeks 19 and 20 correspond to the Semi-Finals. Weeks 21 and 22 correspond to the Finals. Weeks 23 and 24 correspond to the Super Tournament.

Unowned Team
-, AL

DeAndre JordanC LAC 30
Nikola VucevicC Orl 27
Frank KaminskyC Cha N/A
Justise WinslowF Mia N/A
Kyle AndersonF SA N/A
Danny GreenF (G)SA 31
Zach RandolphF (C)Sac 37
Kevin LoveF (C)Cle 29
Ryan AndersonF Hou 30
Nicolas BatumF (G)Cha 29
Louis WilliamsG LAC 31
Jose Juan BareaG Dal 34
Avery BradleyG LAC 27
Kemba WalkerG Cha 28
C.J. McCollumG Por 26